Testimonials From our Students


Laurie W- Yr 11-12 English

In year 10 I failed almost every English exam, with almost no hope for my future English studies, I prepared myself for the foreshadowing doom that is the Prelim and HSC years. Andy Marselos somehow saw some potential in me and pushed me to try my best and made English one of my favourite subjects. Being the uniquely idiotic student that I am, where several teachers gave up on coming up with new methods of learning for me, Andy made studying enjoyable by involving detailed analysis of songs of my choosing, movies and the technique of the week. I was not treated as a number, nor a student, I was treated me like a friend and always supported me. Often comparing what we were studying to experiences I will have to deal with in my life post HSC, he has prepared me for life after school. I would not be as confident in my language capabilities as I am now if it weren’t for Andy.


Hayley N - Yr 10-12 English

I started English tuition with Andy in year 10. From that time up until the completion of my HSC exams, Andy has equipped me with not only the confidence to answer any essay question, but the skills of time management, mindfulness and exam technique in order to ensure I reached my full potential. Unlike other tutors and colleges that may teach students independently of their school work, my lessons with Andy were highly customised in a way that supplemented and maximised what I was learning at school. Lessons were always centred around the offical Board of Studies English syllabus, which gave me confidence in the lead up to exams that I was completely prepared, and a results based accountability approach enabled me to track my progress and routinely reassess my study habits throughout the year.


James P - Yr 12 Physics and Mathematics

The team at Think were amazing for me! Not only did they help me with both Physics and Mathematics but they also helped with heaps of other things. Between my two tutors and Andy the team helped me find a casual job at the beginning of the year, helped me with my mental health through the stressful time that is the HSC and they also helped me with applications for Uni and scholarship applications. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone!