Ensuring the Safest Educational Space for our Young People


We offer a high level of safety and assurance to our customers and commit to providing the safest educational space for young people to learn in. Here at Think Tuition we believe that the safety and security of children and young people is of paramount importance. We have developed and committed to the following child protection policy to ensure we deliver the service that our customers expect and the assurance they need:

1) All tutors go through a rigorous application and interview process to ensure only the best tutors work for our company. We spend a great deal of time getting to know potential employees and ensure that they are capable and meet our high standards of professionalism and share our commitment to youth development and empowerment!  Our processes ensure that we are able to understand what drives our tutors, what skills they have, and ensure they have the skills and attitudes to empower our students to achieve their best. Understanding the aspirations and needs of our students as well as the qualities and abilities of tutors allows us to provide a supportive and empowering experience for our students. 

2) Suitability and background checks are carried out on every tutor, including academic and personal references, to ensure they are suitable for the job. All tutors are required to have an up to date NSW ‘Working With Children Check' and NSW National Police Check. 

3) All tutors must complete Tutor Accreditation Training with the Australian Tutoring Association and complete in house training on working with young people delivered by our experienced directors. 

4) All staff and tutors adhere to our company's code of conduct and guidelines for working with children which are available for viewing at any time by request.